Fun loving and loyal Labrador puppies


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    We are located in Otisville, Michigan. Love, love the Labrador breed. Each new Labrador puppy is as exciting as if it were my first litter. Love seeing them develop into their individual personalities. We strive to produce quality, well socialized, personable, healthy Labrador pets for families to take home and experience the love we have experienced for years to come.
  2. Our Pets
    We produce English white, yellow, chocolate, and black Labradors. We love them all the same no matter what Breeder of Labrador they are. Let us help you find your perfect lab! Your Labrador Dog will quickly become a part of your family.
  3. Our Prices
    Our prices range from $1000 to $1200 for limited registration. Please inquire as to the prices of our current litter and type of dog. Black - $1000 Yellow - $1000 - $1200 Chocolate - $1200 White - $1500 Silver and Charcoal - $1200 Cream - $1200 Charcoal - $1200 Champagne - please ask Dilutes - $1000
  4. Contact Us
    I can be reached at 810-513-2515 AKC Dog Breeder Like our Facebook page